tmj headaches caused through jaw pain

TMJ – Pain Relief from Headaches and Treatment Options

The TMJ is a hinge joint connecting the mandible or the lower jaw and the temporal bone of the skull, which are found on the front of the ears, on the sides of the head.

Problems caused by suffering with a TMJ Headache are vast and varied. It not only effects the jaw area of the body causing unpleasant headaches but many other areas of the body. At we look into all aspects of the TMJ condition and offer help and advice in order to reduce and eliminate the suffering caused.

What is TMJ?

5 TMJ ExercisesTMJ is an abbreviation of the term “Temporomandibular Joint”. This is actually a joint within the jaw bone of the head which is hinged. It connects the mandible and temporal bone of the skull located near to the front section of your ears and also towards the side of the head area. This is better described through looking at the picture to the side.

As mentioned earlier, the symptoms and discomfort associated with TMJ issues are not as easily diagnosed as other more familiar illnesses. This is a result of the myriad of complications which all could be resulting from TMJ associated issues. Typically however, pain and discomfort manifests itself from the head (TMJ headaches), neck, shoulder and jawbone pains. Each of these areas can also promote other complications. A good example of this is many TMJ suffers with emphasis upon the ear section of the head often also suffer with Tinnitus problems as well.

Properly Diagnosing TMJ

This is one area where the expertise of a medical practioner will  be very valuable to the process. In order to fully diagnose a TMJ headache for example, a doctor would ask the patient a range of questions to understand that TMJ is truly the origins of the condition. Ear pain and Tinnitus could be a result of inner ear infections and not the result of TMJ related issues. It is important therefore to seek a reliable diagnosis from the doctor to ensure you are treating the correct condition.

Treating TMJ Conditions

Many TMJ associated headaches are a result of either a displaced or dislocated disc. In many cases the ‘resetting’ of the displaced disc is cured through the use of specialist TMJ braces and night-guards. Other more sophisticated splints and acupuncture treatments are also available to help right the correct the positioning of the jaw bone to its natural location.

Home TMJ Remedies

There are a number of TMJ home treatments in the marketplace and many of which have been shown to produce little to no reduction in pain caused by TMJ symptoms. One particular product which can be used from the home that is especially effective when used in conjunction with a TMJ night guard is this product. Many suffers have reported seeing quick and effective results from using this combination of treatments at home.

What to Do About TMJ

As I pointed out earlier, in order to fully appreciate the scale of the issues and whether in fact your TMJ headaches are even caused by the condition is the first point to tackle. Seek professional medical advice and understand whether the temporomandibular joint is responsible for the symptoms you are suffering.

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tmj headaches caused through jaw pain

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